Melbass56 57F  
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2/14/2020 8:09 pm

I know this is a sex site...we all agree on that...but...I truly have to say that I really don't think i've ever encountered more disgusting people in my life! (I'm talking about the guys of course...but I'm sure some of the women are just as bad!) I mean...are there ANY normal people left on this planet??? Come it really too much to ask to at least try to be somewhat sane and normal!?? ( I would also think that if you were really trying to impress a chick on actually meet for sex...that maybe a normal guy would actually be a turn never might be a new strategy you might want to consider trying. Just a thought...). Anyway...when I think it can't get any worse..( silly me for thinking that)... it does. Then, I finally get that one message that is a complete and total opposite of what I normally know...the.." I want to fuck that sexy ass of yours" message. (And ladies...when you get a message like that...please do yourselves a favor...and just turn and run!) It's an actual..." are you doing tonight" message. ( Don't get me wrong...alot of messages do start with the " are you?"...but...they turn ugly real fast!!) But...every now and then...I get that nice message that actually turns into a decent conversation with an actual normal guy! And tonight...i had one. And I have to say...when that kind of restores my faith in humanity.. a little....just knowing that there are some sane people still walking this earth.'s the best part... come to find out...they're looking for the same!! So...there's still hope for just have to look" beyond"...and maybe you'll find that needle in a haystack. ( Just not on's still a sex site!) I honestly think Fuckbook is just a rest stop on the way to sex hell!!

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2/14/2020 8:39 pm

I honestly think Fuckbook is just a rest stop on the way to sex hell!!

LOL The Interstate to hell . .

Melbass56 replies on 2/15/2020 3:14 pm:

h4rry66 53M
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2/14/2020 10:07 pm

I've replied on another identical posted by you beautiful. Have a lovely day x

6g72and4g63 34M
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2/14/2020 11:42 pm

Hello, we should get together.

Melbass56 replies on 2/15/2020 3:15 pm:
Sure...just gas up your private jet!!

tedscott40 56M
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2/17/2020 10:03 am

You need a boyfriend to talk to. I hope you find him.

Melbass56 replies on 2/17/2020 8:27 pm:
Tell me about it...

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